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The price of fines for nursing home violations drops

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2019 | Nursing Home Neglect |

Nursing homes in New York are under the obligation to treat their patients with respect while offering high-quality care. However, there are undoubtedly times when caregivers and staff members neglect to uphold the promises they have made to residents and their families. When this happens and is discovered by officials through an investigation or audit, the facility in question may be required to pay a fine. In cases of a serious offense, they may be required to shutter their doors for good. 

In a recent decision made by the Trump administration, it was recommended that the fines leveled against nursing homes who have failed their obligations be lessened. The result was a notable drop from over $40,000 to just under $30,000. In conjunction with this decision, it was also decided that rather than continually fine nursing homes for failing to comply on a daily basis, a lump-sum fine would be given instead. 

Both of these decisions are just some of the ways that the Trump administration is altering the protocols that the Obama administration created as part of an aggressive regulation of services in the health care industry. Part of the reason that the nursing home industry was pushing for lower fines is that they felt that the ratio between the fines and the infractions that were committed were beginning to be laughable as the offenses did not match the outrageous fines they were being required to pay. 

If people are experiencing concerns over the way their loved one is being treated in a nursing home and are failing to find support, an attorney may be a valuable partner. Legal professionals understand how to present evidence of mistreatment in a way that is persuasive and supported by valid information. 

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