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Artificial surgical intelligence could reduce mistakes

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2019 | Surgical Errors |

While doctors are not free of human error, many people in New York fully trust and rely on their medical provider to give them a thorough diagnosis and prescribe a treatment plan that will address their physical needs and medical history. However, there are still stories in the news every so often that tell disconcerting stories of patients that have been injured, some severely, because of a mistake made by a medical professional. 

New technology is hoping to reduce the number of cases involving surgical errors. The innovative technology, the ARAITM, is designed to facilitate a surgeon’s job by providing input, giving warnings and providing real-time direction that has been customized based on the patient being operated on. It also allows surgeons to “practice” their upcoming surgical procedures in an artificial based, intellectual intelligence program. 

The system was put into practice in an actual surgery where a patient was getting a lumbar decompression and fusion surgery. Not only did it provide a valuable suggestion for a treatment plan, but it provided color-coding that enabled the surgeon to perform his work flawlessly. The creators envision the product to become the “digital surgery” of the future and a tool that will be regularly used in all surgical procedures. 

If people have been injured because a surgical procedure was executed improperly, they may wish to hire an attorney to create a case for them. A legal professional may be able to help them gather evidence that can be presented to give the victim the best chance at being awarded compensation. 

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