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Women should work with their doctor to prepare for childbirth

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2018 | Birth Injuries |

When a woman is preparing to give birth in New York, it does not matter if it is her first pregnancy or if she has given birth before, each birthing situation can be very different and require both mental and physical preparation. What many women fail to recognize is how imperative it is that they work with their doctor to communicate their desires. Women who tell their doctors their concerns and desires promptly without sacrificing honesty are often much more confident when it comes time to deliver their baby. 

According to Parents, depending on the hospital a woman chooses to deliver in, she may have the option to select a room that is more customized to her likings. Many hospitals have individual birthing-center rooms that provide a homier feel than the traditional delivery room. Women also have the right to verbalize their desires about temperature control, music and lighting to make their experience as comfortable as possible. 

In preparing for a VBAC birth which is one of the most common methods, Parents also suggests that women put their trust in a reliable doctor who is capable of providing education, as well as support throughout the pregnancy and delivery process. Doctors who spend adequate time answering their patients’ questions and reassuring their concerns are often much less prone to make mistakes or cut corners in an attempt to speed up the process of caring for patients. Women should ask their health care provider about what measures will be taken in an emergency and how an emergency will be assessed during the progression of delivery.