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Nursing home staff careless and ignorant in implementing safety

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2018 | Nursing Home Neglect |

Selecting a nursing home in New York is often no easy process for families who are concerned about the wellbeing and care of their elderly family member. Often, many families pour hours into comparing their options and visiting facilities to determine which one is the best fit. Unfortunately, there are situations where nursing homes are negligent in the way they care for their residents and as a result, put the safety of their residents in harm’s way.

A VA nursing home in Boston, Massachusetts is facing backlash and legal consequences after investigators found visible signs that staff members were neglecting and ignoring the needs and safety of their patients. They were initially under scrutiny after receiving so many poor ratings that they quickly became one of the lowest rated VA nursing homes in the entire country. Despite knowing that an investigation was likely coming to address the poor ratings, no effort was made to remedy any of the issues that people had recognized.

When investigators visited recently, they found two staff members were sound asleep in the middle of their shifts. As such, it was a genuine concern that staff members were ignoring the safety of the veterans who were living in the facility. While the slumbering employees were fired from their job, other recommendations for corrective action were being required if the facility wished to remain open and operating.

If people are concerned about the well-being of their elderly loved one and suspect that abuse or neglect is occurring, they may wish to hire an attorney. Working with a legal team may enable them to uncover evidence that will support their concerns and give justice to any victims.

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