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Using an urgent care facility for a sick child

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2018 | Hospital Negligence |

When parents recognize that their children are suffering from unusual symptoms it can be unsettling for them to merely disregard their child’s discomfort. Often, they struggle with the battle of whether or not their child’s symptoms warrant a visit to a medical facility or if they are something that can be treated at home. For many New York families, this decision is complicated by the costs of visiting emergency rooms and receiving emergency medical treatment.

According to Hopkins Medicine, if parents are concerned about their child’s health, they most likely do not need to visit an urgent care facility if they are still able to walk, talk and play. Additionally, if they are still able to consume enough that they are not dehydrated, their illness can probably be treated at home.

In cases where people do need to take their child to urgent care, Velocity Care suggests a couple of tips that can help their children to feel more comfortable about their upcoming visit. For one, parents should not promise their child that their visit will not be scary or will not hurt. Instead, they should provide comfort and support and encourage them to be brave. Parents may also be able to help their children feel more comfortable by telling them that the doctors that help them are wanting to help them feel better.

People may also consider calling ahead of time to find out details about wait times and what they should do in preparation for their visit including any documents they may need to provide. This may eliminate some of the waiting time upon their arrival.