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Following complaints, nursing home on path to closure

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2018 | Nursing Home Neglect |

Many nursing homes in New York are granted funding from the state to support the care and treatment of incapacitated elderly individuals. However, when protocols are not followed in accordance with federally outlined policies, facilities can be denied the opportunity to receive additional funding. As a result, they may be forced to close which ultimately leaves residents without a place to go. 

This is exactly what is happening with a nursing home in Campbellsville, Kentucky after a string of negative reports regarding the facility’s health and safety standards. The surveys in question focused primarily on the safety of the facility’s residents, as well as the overall quality of the care that was being provided. When both failed to provide the desired results, the announcement was made that Medicare and Medicaid funding would cease and that patients with those benefits would be transferred to other facilities indefinitely. 

Despite the negative feedback on both surveys, residents and family members of the residents expressed disbelief and concern about the potential closure of the nursing home. They worried about being able to provide continual support in the form of visitations due to the increased distance to visit their loved ones. 

If people are concerned that their loved one is not receiving the type of quality treatment and care that should be provided, they may want to contact an attorney to represent their case. Doing so may allow them to have access to the knowledge and experience of someone who can create a persuasive case to give the best possible chance at winning the compensation the victim deserves.  

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