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Un-medicated c-section blamed on hospital’s negligence

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2018 | Hospital Negligence |

When people are preparing to receive a procedure or treatment at a hospital in New York, they often place their life and physical well-being in the hands of experienced medical professionals who have been trained to provide thorough and proper care. However, there are times when poor communication, misunderstanding, carelessness and even recklessness on the part of hospital staff can create a very real danger for the patients they are supposed to be helping. 

In a recent case of negligence reported out of Oceanside, California, a family is sharing their harrowing ordeal surrounding the birth of their infant daughter. The couple claims they were at the hospital receiving care related to the mother’s pregnancy, when the unborn baby’s heart rate was lost. The mother’s blood pressure also began to plummet and doctors made the split-second decision to perform an emergency c-section. The anesthesiologist that was on-call at the time was contacted and asked to come to the mother’s room. After receiving no response in over eight minutes, the surgical team decided to proceed with the c-section. 

The couple recalls the terrifying moments when the mother was cut open and her baby was delivered while she did not receive any help with pain management. She said that after screaming loudly for them to stop, she passed out from the severe pain she was in. Advocates for the couple point out that the negligence of the hospital to better manage their staff lead to an excruciating situation. The couple has filed a lawsuit claiming negligence on the part of the hospital and hospital staff. 

If people have been injured because hospital staff has failed to provide an adequate standard of care, they may wish to hire an attorney in helping them build a case. With the right professional on their side, they can have a good chance at acquiring the compensation they deserve. 

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