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Patients who take charge can prevent medical mistakes

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2018 | Failure to Diagnose |

While it would be ideal that people could place full trust in all of the doctors in New York, there are inevitably some that are not capable of providing the standard of care that patients have the right to receive. In some cases, health care facilities lack proper communication skills that prevent the necessary parties from receiving critical patient information. In other cases, health care workers may not take adequate time to listen to a patient or learn about different symptoms. Then, there are the doctors who are careless or reckless and do not value the input of their patients. 

While many health care facilities are highlighting the need for doctors to be more aware of providing high quality care, patients can also do a lot in determining the level of care they receive. According to Web MD, the most productive and healthy relationships between a doctor and his or her patient are those where communication is prioritized. Each patient comes to their appointment prepared to ask questions and leave with answers. They are not afraid to disclose their desires for the type of treatment they want to receive and ultimately, the outcome they hope to attain. 

When people are selecting a new doctor, they should already be looking for signs that their health care provider will give them what they are looking for. Readers Digest suggests that people look for doctors who take their time to read patient files, address concerns and answer questions. People should also look for someone who is compatible with their personality and is readily accessible when needed. Finally, people should respect and appreciate a dedicated doctor who says “no” at times and suggests other alternatives instead.