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Nursing home penalized for preventable incident

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2018 | Nursing Home Neglect |

For many New York families who have aging loved ones, the thought of putting them into a nursing home is not made without much consideration. Often, people carefully compare their options while closely assessing factors like location, living conditions, access to quality medical care and community involvement. However, there are times when even seemingly responsible facilities can experience a dangerous problem if they become too lax, careless or deliberately ignorant of their residents diminished function.

In a recent story out of Greeneville, Tennessee, a nursing home facility is facing numerous consequences after what investigators have called a preventable incident that was classified as nenursingglect. Reports detailed how one of the facility’s residents found a way out of the building and exited, unnoticed, until a grounds worker reported that the resident may have been involved in an accident. The report goes on to describe how the resident suffered from dementia and had wandered into the nearby woods. Unsupervised, the resident fell down a steep embankment and sustained serious injuries.

According to the facility, the receptionist had heard the alarm go off. When she looked outside however, she did not see anything unusual so she reset the alarm and returned to her post. Investigators believe the entire incident could have been prevented with better protocols in place to follow. Suggestions were also made regarding the facility’s methods for assessing patient safety and security. Currently, the facility is facing fines and has been temporarily barred from accepting any more residents.

If people are experiencing the trauma of their loved one having been the victim of neglect or abuse in a nursing home setting, they may wish to contact an attorney for help. With a legal professional as part of their team, people can work towards acquiring the compensation they deserve.

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