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Elder abuse: understanding the warning signs

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2018 | Nursing Home Neglect |

When the time comes for families in New York to assess the long-term care needs of their elderly loved ones, one of the big decisions they often face is whether or not to consider alternatives for home living arrangements. Often, as people age, they require immediate medical care, assistance with daily needs and access to a variety of devices that are designed to give them better quality of life. One of the alternatives that many people carefully consider is putting their loved on in a nursing home facility. 

Unfortunately, there are situations where elder abuse occurs in these types of establishments and in some situations, it can go completely unnoticed at the expense of the victim. The Elder Justice Act that was passed in 2009 was designed to provide added protection to seniors in environments where they may be more vulnerable. Many facilities have strict protocols in place to protect their patients and guarantee their experience is positive, comfortable and safe. 

One of the most widespread problems is that victims often do not or cannot report the abuse. Often, the delay in communicating concerns is because the victim or the victim’s family members fear the repercussions of making an accusation. However, this oversight can only put the victim’s life in further danger of continued mistreatment. If family members ever suspect that their loved one is being abused, they should immediately report their concerns to a trusted resource who has the power to further investigate the situation. 

When families are dealing with the suspected abuse of their elderly loved one, hiring an attorney may be beneficial to them. A legal professional can help organize factual evidence that has been gathered to give the victim a chance at redeeming compensation for the trauma they have experienced. 

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