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Nursing home employees charged with neglect after patient death

On Behalf of | May 5, 2018 | Nursing Home Neglect |

When families in New York opt to put their elderly loved ones in a nursing home facility, their decision is often made with a lot of concern. While they may be looking forward to receiving attentive help with the day-to-day needs of their family members, they are also trusting that the facility and its staff will provide compassionate care.

In a case that made national headlines, nursing home staff at a facility in Ottawa, Ohio failed to act responsibly when they neglected a patient who later died of hypothermia. In a story that left everyone stunned, an elderly woman exited the building sometime during the early morning in January. Investigators determined that she was wearing a device that should have alerted workers but did not perform the way it was intended. The woman was found deceased later on and an autopsy determined she died of hypothermia after exposure to frigid temperatures. Weather reports at the time of the woman’s death estimated that it was zero degrees.

Three nurses who were reportedly in charge of monitoring the patient’s whereabouts at the time, have officially been charged with forgery, gross patient negligence and involuntary manslaughter. It is unknown what charges the nurses will face if they are found guilty on all charges.

If people have had family members who have been the victims of nursing home abuse or neglect, they may wish to hire an attorney. This decision may enable them to have guidance in creating a case that details the abuse and provides an opportunity to receive rightful compensation.

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