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Health care survey reveals violations at nursing home

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2018 | Nursing Home Neglect |

Nursing homes were designed to provide a place for elderly folks who require assistance with day-to-day needs. They may also need frequent monitoring, access to general medical treatments and a place to live that is safe and secure. While most families in New York wish to provide this type of compassionate care by themselves, it can be difficult to provide for elderly family members while managing other family obligations and work commitments. Many families put a lot of trust in nursing home facilities to provide their family members with thorough care, but some of these establishments fail to live up to their expectations. 

This is exactly what happened in a nursing home in Tallahassee, Florida after they received numerous care violations. When an Agency for Health Care Administration survey was completed at the facility, eight residents were identified as having been neglected in some way. In one case, a resident required a special chair that was misplaced by the facility. Instead of locating it and providing temporary relief, the facility put the resident in a borrowed wheelchair that did not provide for the resident’s needs.

Another case involved a patient who needed a catheter. The catheter was left in the patient too long. As a result, the patient turned septic and was taken to the hospital with a raging fever of 104.8. Additionally, the resident had soiled bandages that were foul smelling. After the violations were discovered the nursing home was fined $5,000.

If families are looking to house their loved one in a nursing home facility, they may benefit from the assistance of an attorney. Should any incidents occur that require legal intervention, an attorney can provide guidance in gathering evidence and creating a strong case. 

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