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Common cycling accidents to be mindful of

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2018 | Personal Injury |

As warmer weather approaches, some people are gearing up to enjoy riding their bikes. This can be a very fulfilling experience, and it can also turn dangerous; if parties are not mindful, this activity can lead to accidents involving vehicles and bicycles.

To avoid this, there are some common dangerous situations to be aware of. In particular, cyclist should watch out for a few possible scenarios.

Car doors

People can swing their car doors open at any moment. Though there may not be any malicious intent, this creates a potentially dangerous scenario for cyclists riding along the sidewalk, the bicycle lane or the far right side of a vehicle lane. Cyclists have the right to utilize the full lane. Therefore, in areas with street parking, it may be safer for cyclist to ride in the center of the lane. For those who choose not to exercise this right, it is important to stay vigilant and watch ahead for people entering and exiting their vehicles.


The state of New York provides clear bicycle laws, which include how to pass a bicycle properly. However, many drivers tend to underestimate the proper space needed to pass a cyclist. In oncoming traffic, they may assume they are moving faster than the bicycle and cut in front of it. By staying mindful of this hazard, cyclists can avoid the threat of injury with defensive maneuvers such as turning or braking.


Blind spots and careless or distracted driving make areas with many consecutive driveways dangerous areas. Similar to street parking, the safest area for cyclists to be is in the center of the lane. This provides them with more room to navigate, and can help drivers who are backing up to see them easier.

By keeping these things in mind, cyclists can increase the safety of their rides. However, should the unfortunate accident occur, it is important that a cyclist consult with an attorney to determine the best course of action.