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Family to receive multi-million dollar payout after birth injury

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2018 | Birth Injuries |

When soon-to-be parents arrive at a New York hospital full of anticipation and nervous excitement for the arrival of their new baby, they are often consumed by thoughts of how their lives are about to change. They place an incredible amount of trust in their doctor and the hospital staff to facilitate the baby’s arrival through a safe and efficient delivery. However, poor execution, carelessness and bad judgment can all be contributing factors that put any baby at risk of suffering a birth injury. 

In a birth injury case that made national headlines, a Pennsylvania family has recently been awarded $41.6 million in a captivating conclusion to a prolonged lawsuit. In legal documents, the baby’s parents detailed how during delivery, the mother had only pushed one time when the doctor prematurely applied forceps to aid in helping the boy out. Because of excessive force and misapplication of the tool, the infant suffered traumatic brain injuries that caused long-term damage to his cerebellum. As a result, the baby would have to cope with permanent injuries that would make basic life functions difficult and in many cases impossible for him to perform alone. At age 6, the boy struggles to communicate, suffers emotional trauma and becomes exhausted quickly. The multi-million-dollar payout will enable the boy’s family to pay for and facilitate his medical care for the remainder of his life. 

If parents have a child who has been injured at the hands of a trusted doctor, they may wish to enlist the help of a qualified attorney. This decision may give families access to reliable guidance in the creation of a persuasive case built on factual evidence.

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