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Thank you so much for all your help. You are a true God send and I feel blessed for having your assistance. Wishing you and your family well wishes and a Happy New Year too!

Thank you for “services rendered” to my complete satisfaction. On that note, a special thank you to Judy Ramirez and Veronica Fuentes for their many contributions. With your knowledge and experience...

Thank you for doing such a great job representing my son on the purchase of his condo. As I am sure you could tell, he was very nervous about the whole thing, been waiting for the other shoe to...

On behalf of the family of the Estate of Marlene U., I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the law firm of Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld, LLP for its unwavering commitment...

I feel blessed that somehow your firm in and my life crossed because the result is the quality of my mother’s life in respect to current and future needs is secure …

Dear Martin and Ira, thank you so much for working so hard on my case for so many years. My life changed 10 years ago when this occurred. I'm glad this chapter of my life has closed.

Just wanted to express how happy I am with your firm. I have known you for over 15 years starting with the purchase of my first home and when I continued utilizing your services when...

Words can not fully express how grateful and impressed I am with your outstanding services. Working with you and your staff not only made me feel comfortable and reassured but ...

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your efforts over the last two years regarding my case. Your attention to the details surrounding-my case was second to none...

Me sentir bien comoda con mi dos abogados, el Sr. Martin y el Sr. Futterman, que me trataron mi caso con mucha delicadeza y puecieron mucho tiempo en mi case

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January 2018 Archives

Proactive patients may prevent hospital negligence

Whenever people arrive at New York hospitals seeking treatment for a medical condition, they place a heavy amount of trust in the hired health care professionals to provide thorough care. However, there are stories popping up frequently about patients who have suffered injuries and worsened health as the result of hospital negligence. Fortunately, patients who are proactive about their care and take preventative measures to protect their safety, are at a much lower risk of falling victim to medical malpractice of some kind. 

What are the most common hazards found in nursing homes?

When the time comes for you to begin comparing nursing home facilities in New York, chances are you are looking for an establishment who is dedicated to providing your elderly loved one with committed and compassionate care. You may have compared varying factors related to location, availability of amenities, affordability and even the demeanor and condition of residents and staff members. Protecting your loved one and guaranteeing that he or she is treated humanely can be less of a concern when you find a facility who prioritizes the safety and well-being of their residents. 

Identifying a valid medical malpractice claim

When people are looking for a doctor in New York, chances are they do their research and compare their options to find a professional who they trust will provide quality medical care. However, if people are required to go to the hospital because of a sudden emergency, they may not pay as much attention to what is going on around them. While it may be difficult for people to be thoughtful when there is added pressure, it is critical that people understand what behaviors could potentially leave them in danger as a patient. Additionally, they should understand how to identify medical malpractice so they can make proactive efforts to seek compensatory damages in situations where their health has been compromised by the behavior of medical professionals. 

Protecting yourself against dangerous prescription errors

If you have been prescribed a medication to help treat your symptoms, chances are you trust your doctor's judgment and immediately go to pick up your prescription. While it is implied that you can trust your doctor's advice, education and experience, there are times when doctors make mistakes. Prescription errors for example can negatively compromise your physical health and in serious cases cause extended injury and pain. At Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld, LLP, we have helped many people in New York to understand how medical malpractice could potentially affect them. 

When should you file a complaint against a nursing home?

If you are currently looking for a nursing home in New York on behalf of an elderly loved one, you may have already begun to compare facility ratings. Other valued points of comparison include a facility's cleanliness, environmental conditions, staff attentiveness, availability of emergency medical treatment, patient demeanor and the quality of things like food and activities. It is also imperative that you understand under what conditions you should file a complaint against a nursing home if you feel that your family member's treatment is subpar in any way. 

A closer look at behaviors that constitute nursing home neglect

For many New York families, caring for an elderly loved one is a matter of assumed responsibility. However, it can sometimes get to the point where necessary care, resources and attention are better accessible with the assistance of a nursing home facility. When this decision must be made, many families spend considerable time searching for an establishment that demonstrates their commitment to providing the highest quality care. Unfortunately, there are nursing homes that are neglectful in caring for their residents which can ultimately result in patient discomfort, injury and even death in serious cases. Families who understand what behaviors are indicative of neglect can recognize warning signs before it is too late. 

Doctor, hospital named in lawsuit after costly surgical error

Every day, doctors in New York perform surgeries on their patients in hopes of providing relief from pain, healing and a better chance at having optimal health. During these procedures, communication is critical to guarantee that no mistakes are made that could ultimately compromise the long-term health, comfort and safety of the patient being operated on. However, there are times when lapses in judgment, blatant ignorance or careless mistakes result in missteps that are costly in terms of professional reputation as well as patient well-being. 

How will you know if you really need a C-section?

You may have heard about how the rates of Cesarean section deliveries are increasing, and some people criticize doctors for pressuring women to take this route when it is unnecessary. On the other hand, you know that many mothers and babies in New York would not have survived were it not for this procedure. 

Nursing homes are business, but residents don't reap the benefits

Although many nursing home residents in New York rely on government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid to pay for at least a portion of their care, the facilities are typically for-profit organizations. As such, owners reap the benefits when costs are kept low. In other industries, unscrupulous business owners have found ways to profit by setting up subsidiary companies to provide goods and services. Sadly, companies owning nursing homes have employed these tactics as well, to the detriment of the residents.

How distractions lead to car accidents

When you get in your car in Kew Gardens, the last thing on your mind is a car accident. You may feel that owning a newer vehicle and having safe driving behaviors are all you need to avoid car accidents. However, some drivers focus so much on themselves and getting to where they are going that they have little to no considerations for safety. Their driving behaviors border upon reckless. They text, talk, surf the internet, use their cellphones and engage in other distractions while they drive, making the roads highly unsafe for everyone. 

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