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Protecting yourself from surgical errors through communication

| Dec 29, 2017 | Surgical Errors

If you are preparing for an upcoming surgery, you are probably facing some anxiety in anticipation for what will happen. While you can take the time to carefully prepare both emotionally and physically, it is imperative that you also spend time finding a reliable and professional surgical physician in New York. A surgical doctor who is an effective communicator is important to give you peace of mind and to reduce the risks that you become a victim of a costly surgical error. At Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld, LLP, we are experienced with the risks that surgical patients face.

According to, one of the best ways to prepare for an upcoming surgery is to spend time researching a doctor you trust. Here are some of the characteristics you should look for in a physician:

  • Willing to listen: Your doctor should show interest in your concerns and take the time to answer your questions and explain procedural information to you. 
  • Proven experience: If you are getting a specific type of surgery, find a doctor who specializes in performing that surgery. You may even refer to reviews from other patients to get an idea of the doctor’s effectiveness, confidence and experience. 
  • Patient and personable: When interacting with your doctor, he or she should be patient with you and someone who you are comfortable talking to. Look for a physician who you connect with and who you feel has your health and well-being as a primary concern. 

By taking the time to research, get a second opinion and get to know your doctor, you can be more confident in your safety as a patient of the doctor you have found. For more information about staying safe from surgical errors, visit our web page.  


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