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Woman gets hysterectomy and mastectomy based on wrong diagnosis

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2017 | Failure to Diagnose |

One common reason people go to their doctors in New York City is to learn about issues that may increase their risk of developing serious and life-threatening conditions. Patients trust them implicitly with their lives. When doctors and nurses abuse that trust by acting negligently, their patients often end up paying with their health.

When faced with medical decisions that require them to get surgery and invasive medical procedures, patients should take note of their doctors’ recommendations and get additional expert opinions. They should provide the experts with copies of their medical records to ensure that they receive accurate professional recommendations. Patients should also be honest and upfront with their doctors to prevent misdiagnoses and issues with the delivery of their care.

Misdiagnosis leads to life-changing surgeries

An Oregon woman recently learned that she was a victim of malpractice when her medical care providers gave her the wrong genetic test results. She underwent surgical procures to remove her uterus and breasts after a nurse informed her that diagnostic tests showed she had a high risk of developing breast and uterine cancer. She did not learn of the errors until a few months later after her hysterectomy and mastectomy procedures.

The above victim’s ordeal is just one of many that happen every day across the country. When doctors make mistakes with diagnostic test results, they often change the lives of their patients in ways beyond imagining.

Patients are faced with serious and often life-threatening consequences when they receive wrong information from their medical doctors and nurses. They are the ones who must live with the outcome of the decisions they make based on the information their doctors and nurses provide. Many incidents of wrong diagnoses that lead to unnecessary surgical procedures are preventable with additional professional opinions.

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