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Hospital stay leaves man with severe bedsores

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2017 | Hospital Negligence |

People in New York City head to area hospitals expecting to find relief from the injuries or health issues they have been afflicted with. They trust their care into the hands of doctors, nurses and other hospital staff members that they believe will do their very best to care for what is ailing them. What they may not realize is that there are health risks inherent with hospitals stays themselves. Exposure to disease-causing pathogens as well as falls and other injuries can be common in healthcare facilities. All of these problems are preventable through the proper action of hospital personnel.

When such action does not happen, many may understand why those who suffer because of it might choose to seek compensation. A Georgia woman is doing just that. Her husband was admitted to a local hospital for difficulty breathing due to a swollen tongue. While there, he developed serious bedsores. Such injuries occur when constant pressure on skin tissues (like that which occurs when one is confined to a hospital bed) limits blood flow and causes the skin to ulcerate. Such ulcers can be easily avoided by simply moving a patient in his or her bed throughout the day. One of the man’s ulcers became so bad that the underlying bone was eventually exposed. While he was ultimately discharged from the hospital, the bedsores eventually contributed to his death.

Problems like bedsores may not occur overnight. They result from continued inattention and neglect. Given the expectation of constant care and supervision that comes with a hospital stay, those who experience such problems may be reasonably shocked when they occur. They may want to secure the services of a personal injury attorney if they choose to pursue action.

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