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Should you go with a midwife?

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2017 | Birth Injuries |

If you have recently discovered that you are expecting, then right now you are probably neck-deep in information about choosing the best healthcare provider in Queens to help see you through your pregnancy. More and more women in recent years have found those to be midwives. Indeed, information shared by The Atlantic shows that in 2013, midwives were the lead providers in 9 percent of the births that occurred in the U.S. Statistics such as this one as well as opinions that others have shared with you have likely got you thinking whether you should select a midwife to help deliver your baby. 

Most cite two advantages to working with midwives: the cost and the freedom they offer. Having a midwife deliver your baby is less expensive than utilizing a doctor. In some cases, a midwife may even help you save on hospital expenses by delivering your baby in a birthing center. Plus, more midwives tend to favor alternative birthing methods than physicians. 

There are, however, several things you should understand before choosing a midwife as your provider. First and foremost, they are not trained and credentialed to the same standard as doctors. Thus, if there are any complications with your pregnancy, a midwife will not (and should not attempt to) address them. Oftentimes, the beliefs and practices of midwives might even contribute to complications. For example, midwives tend to be more encouraging of women who have had C-sections previously to attempt to deliver vaginally. Such mothers have a greater risk of experiencing uterine rupture during delivery. 

Your options in terms of holding a midwife liable for errors may depend on the way such a provider has marketing herself to you. While the information given here should not be taken as legal advice, it may useful in influencing your decision.