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Single provider shoulders bulk of $2.65 million settlement

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2017 | Hospital Negligence |

When charges of medical malpractice are made by people in New York City, there may often be confusion surrounding who they should be leveled against. Some may point to the inappropriate actions of the doctors involved as the reason behind a patient’s complaint. Others may say it was negligence on the part of a facility’s staff that caused the harm in question. In any event, it is not uncommon to see multiple parties, including doctors, hospitals, medical provider groups and healthcare organizations named as defendants in a malpractice lawsuit. Yet simply being named in a suit does not necessarily mean one may be assigned liability.

This fact was on full display in the settlement of a lawsuit filed on behalf of a deceased Connecticut man. The attorney representing the man’s family said that he was given a blood thinner medication after displaying signs of stroke while having an endoscopy performed to remove a piece of chicken stuck in his throat. However, the man was already taking two other blood thinners, which caused him to develop a brain bleed that later killed him.

Initially, two doctors (along with their respective provider organizations) were named in the lawsuit. One was later excluded from it without having to pay any settlement. The other, however, shouldered the bulk of the expense for the $2.65 million settlement that was subsequently reached in the case (despite the hospital and other healthcare organizations also being named as defendants).

Oftentimes, there is plenty of blame to go around when a patient experiences a preventable medical error. Thus, victims and their families may feel justified in trying to hold multiple parties responsible. Those attempting to do so may find the assistance of an attorney to be invaluable in such an effort.

Source: Norwich Bulletin “Ledyard man’s family settles medical malpractice suit for $2.65 million” Sept. 14, 2017