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Providers refuse to admit to wrongdoing in lawsuit settlement

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2017 | Birth Injuries |

Those in Queens that are planning on bringing a medical malpractice lawsuit against providers that they believe were negligent in their delivery of care may be in for a long legal battle. Doctors, hospitals and healthcare organizations rely on their reputations, which is why it may seem to some that they are unwilling to admit when they make mistakes. Plus, such parties typically have the knowledge and resources to argue their points out for as long they think they need to. However, this should not deter those who allegedly suffered at their hands from trying to hold them responsible. 

A Massachusetts couple whose daughter suffered a serious birth injury may serve as the latest example of malpractice victims standing up to claims made by clinicians. The two providers named in their medical malpractice lawsuit (a third defendant, the organization operating the hospital where their baby was delivered, was eventually dropped from the case) maintained they did nothing to cause the oxygen deprivation and subsequent brain damage that the couple’s daughter experienced. A settlement was eventually reached in the case and recently approved by a local judge. However, even in settling the case, the defendants did not admit to any wrongdoing. 

The moments and minutes during delivery and after a baby is born bring with them the potential for danger to him or her if proper care is not delivered. Sadly, the results of any complications babies may experience during these minutes are often permanent, leaving their parents facing a future full of uncertainty and unanticipated expenses. One may see, then, why people in such a position choose to seek compensation from the providers who botched their children’s care. Anyone looking to do so may first want to secure the services of an attorney. 

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