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Cosmetic surgeon’s license suspended for the second time

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2017 | Surgical Errors |

Most patients seeking medical and surgical treatment in Queens likely place an inherent level of trust in their healthcare providers. The reason for this is not doubt due to the assumption that they have to be qualified in order to practice. However, many people are often shocked to find out that doctors and surgeons who once treated them were later criticized for poor work or even reprimanded. A suspension or revocation of a provider’s license typically accompanies such disciplinary action. Sadly, that often comes too late to help those affected by a negligent doctor’s actions.

At least seven patients of a cosmetic surgeon in Oklahoma ended up suffering due to poor provider care. Over $1.3 million in damages was paid out to these people stemming from botched procedures performed by the surgeon. One patient even died during a liposuction procedure. Amazingly, the surgeon was still practicing even after having had her license suspended in 2004 for substance misuse. Her license was recently suspended again by the state’s medical licensing board following one of the more recent lawsuits filed against her. In its decision, the board stated that the surgeon had shown “an incapacity or incompetence to practice medicine and surgery with reasonable skill and safety” on several occasions. In response, the surgeon defended her work, saying that her only mistake was poor documentation.

Some may argue that surgical procedures do not come with guarantees of satisfaction. If it is, however, demonstrated that a provider was negligent in the performance of a procedure, those who had to suffer from it may feel justified in bringing action against him or her. Such action may have a better chance at success if it is supported by a skilled and experienced attorney.

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