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Man’s cancer spreads after doctors fail to spot it in scans

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2017 | Failure to Diagnose |

When one goes to the see a doctor in Queens, it typically is for a specific reason. When that reason is in response to an accident or illness, the expectation may be that the providers who treat him or her will not only look for the causes of what prompted his or her visit, but any other apparent ailments, as well. If clinicians are so focused on a single issue, they may overlook problems that, were they paying closing attention, may be readily apparent. A failure to spot such issues could result in life-threatening delays in rendering treatment.

Such was the allegation being made by a Pennsylvania man against a local hospital. He was treated in the facility in 2012 after suffering a fall at his home. His providers conducted radiological scans and diagnostic tests, yet ultimately discharged him saying nothing abnormal was spotted. However, a subsequent review of his scans by another doctor three years after his visit revealed a small mass on lungs. After bringing him in for further testing, it was revealed that the cancer causing the mass had not only made it balloon in size to that of a baseball, but that it had also spread to his brain. The main filed a lawsuit against that hospital over the error, which was recently settled out of court.

Given the ramifications that a failure to diagnose something as serious as cancer may have, those whose treatment was delayed by such an error may feel justified in seeking action to help cope the challenges they may now be facing. One’s odds of earning a positive outcome to such action may be bolstered if he or she has the skills and experience of an attorney to rely on.

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