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Unnecessary surgery leads to man’s stroke

On Behalf of | May 20, 2017 | Surgical Errors |

Previous posts in this blog have detailed the problem that unnecessary surgeries may present to people in Queens. While surgical treatments are designed to help address ailments and promote recovery, advances made in surgical science in recent years may lead people to view such procedures as being routine. Yet the fact is that anytime someone is subjected to the physical stresses that accompany surgery (e.g., the suppression of consciousness through the use of anesthesia, interrupting normal blood flow, the mechanical manipulation of muscle and interior tissues), risk is involved. In many cases, complications that occur due to those risks can often present greater problems than the condition that one’s surgery was meant to address.

The case of a Virginia man illustrates this point. After being diagnosed with a blockage in his carotid artery, he agreed to surgery to have the problem corrected. Ultimately, however, the artery proved to present no problem. During the procedure, however, the man suffered a massive stroke, which initially left him unable to walk and talk, and required a 60-day stay in the hospital. Two years later, he still struggles with the effects of the stroke, having difficulty speaking and moving his arm.

In this man’s case, he choose to bring action against the facility where he was treated, despite expressing no ill will towards his providers. Rather, his stated purpose for seeking compensation was just to help him and his wife survive. This is the case in many medical malpractice cases. Those who may have suffered due to a procedure later deemed to be unnecessary may feel completely justified in seeking such action. Their chances of securing a favorable outcome may increase dramatically if they enlist the services of an experienced attorney.

Source: WRIC “Veteran settles medical malpractice lawsuit with McGuire VA Medical Center” Slaybaugh, Parker, May 11, 2017