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Woman alleges improper equipment caused vocal chord damage

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2017 | Surgical Errors |

For patients about to receive medical or surgical treatment in New York City, the level of anxiety that they may be experiencing is likely correlated with the type of procedure they’re scheduled to have performed. Procedures involving the head, neck or internal organs may solicit quite a bit of worry, while surgeries to correct musculoskeletal issues may seem less risky. However, any surgical procedure should be considered serious, as any can produce complications that could cause life-altering results.

A Wyoming woman claims to be experiencing such results after allegedly poor care during your surgery caused permanent damage to her voice and effectively ended her career. In a lawsuit recently filed against a local medical center and its contracted anesthesiologist partner, she claims that not only was the breathing tube she was given during surgery to repair her broken tibia left in too long, but that it never should have been used in the first place. She claims that the manufacturer’s instructions discouraged its use on someone with her medical profile, and that while it was still placed she aspirated both liquids and solids, which ultimately damaged her vocal cords.

No matter how seemingly minor a procedure may seem, one should remember that those performing it are only human, and thus subject to judgment errors just the same as everyone else. The problem is that their errors often have devastating outcomes. Any of those who feel as though provider errors contributed to any health problems that they may be suffering from may want to consider the merits of seeking legal action in order to pay for their injury expenses. Such action may be easier to manage with the help of an experienced attorney.

Source: K2 Radio “Casper woman files $22M malpractice lawsuit against Wyoming Medical Center” Morton, Tom, Apr. 20, 2017