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Lawsuit claims doctor misdiagnosed stroke patient

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2017 | Failure to Diagnose |

The patients seen in hospitals and medical centers in Queens likely trust that the education and experience of their doctors will help in diagnosing whatever issues may be ailing them. In some cases, people may come in demonstrating commonly known signs & symptoms of a particular condition, and perhaps already have an idea of what they may be suffering from. Yet if a doctor’s diagnosis contradicts their own opinions, they may instead choose to rely on his or her professional opinion. The trouble is that doctors are not always right.

An Oregon man was forced to learn this lesson the hard way after he was misdiagnosed by a provider at a local hospital. He presented to the facility with all of the classic signs and symptoms of a stroke, including drooling, slurred speech and a facial droop. Yet the radiologist who examined his imaging studies initially stated that he saw nothing abnormal in them. The man was later transferred to another facility, where subsequent scans revealed that he had indeed suffered a stroke.

The man’s condition deteriorated to the point of him slipping into a coma, from which he emerged with a traumatic brain injury. He is now suing the hospital, alleging that the delay caused by the radiologist’s misdiagnosis contributed to his injuries.

Patients may remain silent with their concerns over a potential misdiagnosis due to a fear that their doctors will simply dismiss their opinions. Yet they should know that the final say regarding their care lies with them. If a doctor simply ignores one’s ideas and suggestions, and later harms said patient due to an error or misdiagnosis, he or she could end up facing allegations of malpractice. Anyone pursuing such a claim may wish to work with an attorney when doing so.

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