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Lawsuit claims surgical error led to loss of woman’s extremities

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2017 | Surgical Errors |

Very rarely are surgical complications anticipated, and even when they are, Queens residents may assume that they will be minor enough to be able to be corrected with additional interventions. However, in many cases, complications following surgery can leave those suffering from them to face life-altering consequences, which often stem from conditions that may be unrelated to the initial problem for which they sought surgical treatment in the first place. If it is believed that one’s complications are a direct result of a doctor or surgeon’s error, than he or she may feel justified in initiating action based on that assumed negligence.

Such is the claim being made by a Florida woman who says that her surgeon’s error caused her to eventually lose both her hands and her feet. These extremities had to be amputated after it was discovered that she was suffering from an infection caused by an error committed during an earlier operation to remove an ovarian cyst. Her lawsuit claims that during that procedure, the surgeon inadvertently sliced through her small bowel. The error went unnoticed, which eventually resulted in the infection. The surgeon, for his part, claims the error was not his, and that a subsequent procedure did not yield any evidence proving that it was.

Some clinicians may claim that surgical complications are unavoidable. While that may be true in certain cases, one cannot fault a person suffering from them to try and discover their cause. It is that research that often produces the proof that a person may need to believe that provider error is to blame for his or her problems. One wanting to use that blame as the basis of a medical malpractice claim may first want to talk with an attorney to see how to best proceed with it.

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