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Lawsuit filed over lethal dosage administered to elderly patient

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2016 | Hospital Negligence |

When people in New York City hear about lawsuits filed against hospitals, their first thoughts may be that such action is simply an attempted “cash grab” on the part of disgruntled patients. Most may accept the fact that doctors, nurses and other clinical personnel are human, and thus subject to mistakes. What may not be understood is that those looking to hold hospitals accountable for their errors through legal action have the same understanding. They may feel, however, that negligence rather than human errors were responsible for the pains they were subjected to. Their motivation for their actions may actually be to promote changes that may help ensure that others are not required to go through the same suffering they were forced to endure.

This is the reason given for the recent actions taken by an attorney in California on behalf of a woman who lost her elderly mother to a hospital error over two years ago. The woman presented to the hospital with stomach pain. After being admitted to the facility, she was given a combination of dilaudid, morphine and other narcotics that subsequently forced her into respiratory failure, which resulted in her death.

In a lawsuit filed against the facility where the woman died, it is alleged that the nurse who administered the lethal dosage failed to properly assess and document the woman’s pain and inform the other clinicians treating her of the medication administration.

While the potential financial compensation that can come from a medical malpractice lawsuit may help the family members of those lost through hospital negligence, the satisfaction of knowing they played a part in preventing future incidents may be much more rewarding. Those hoping to affect such change through legal action may wish to contact an attorney to assist them.

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