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Lawsuit alleges misdiagnosis resulted in improper re-operation

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2016 | Surgical Errors |

There may be many times where Queens residents would like the benefit of having a “do-over.” Unfortunately, there are certain situations and areas of life where such a thing simply is not possible. One would have to list surgery as being among them. People typically go into their surgical procedures expecting the expertise of their surgeons and other providers to solve their medical problems, not make them worse. Sadly, if and when surgical errors do occur, providers may not be able to perform the same operation again to correct any earlier missteps.

However, a recent lawsuit filed by a Mississippi woman alleges that her surgeon tried to do just that. Her lawsuit, which seeks damages for the pain, suffering, and mental anguish she was forced to endure, states that she has the results of medical review that point to her surgeon’s actions as the cause of the continuous pain she was feeling. She claims that after errors were revealed to have occurred during her initial operation, her surgeon operated again the next day in an attempt to fix the problem. According to her lawsuit, her surgeon failed to consult with other sources when they were clearly needed, and to have adequate standards in place to deal with unique cases.

Doctors and surgeons may not be perfect, yet their decisions made in the moment should be expected to help adequately address problems rather than compounding them. If they do need assistance on a particular case, they should seek it rather than simply trusting in their own skills and resources. Any failures to deliver care in this way could warrant legal action against them. Those hoping to seek such action may want to first speak with an attorney to discuss what their options are.

Source: The Louisiana Record “Patient alleges health care providers improperly performed surgery” July 08, 2016