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Failure to spot pressure ulcers cited as cause of woman’s death

On Behalf of | May 27, 2016 | Failure to Diagnose |

Many in New York City may be well aware of the fact that diagnostic medicine does involve some degree of estimation and conjecture. What allows them to accept that may be due to the idea that if one is initially misdiagnosed, he or she can simply return to his or her doctor in the problem persists, giving his or her caretakers the chance to reformulate their diagnosis. However, in many cases, a missed or incorrect diagnosis could deprive a patient of the chance to be reexamined once again. Thus, clinicians are expected to be able to at least approximate the correct diagnosis during an initial patient encounter.

A missed diagnosis was cited as a reason for an Illinois woman’s death in a recent lawsuit. According to her daughter, the woman recently began to develop pressure ulcers. The lawsuit alleges that her doctors not only failed to correctly pinpoint the cause and seriousness of the woman’s ulcers, but also that the missed diagnosis ultimately contributed to the death of her mother. Both the medical center where the woman died as well as a local nursing center were named as defendants in the case.

Unfortunately, those who are misdiagnosed typically don’t have knowledge needed to successfully challenge their doctors’ opinions on the spot. They need to instead listen to their bodies and not be concerned to share with their doctors any deterioration in their conditions prior to being discharged. After having endured (and hopefully recovered from) such an error, questions may start to arise as to why their initial diagnoses were wrong. Should the answers to the questions (or lack thereof) point one in direction of seeking legal action, he or she may first want to consult with an attorney for help in getting through the process.

Source: Cook County Record “Daughter blames Des Plaines nursing care facility for mother’s death” Torres, Louie, May 23, 2016