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Lawsuit claims amputation due to doctor failing to spot infection

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2016 | Failure to Diagnose |

Severe medical problems may not always start off as readily apparent issues. Oftentimes, patients go into their local doctor’s office in Queens simply looking to address a seemingly minor problem, only to later discover that they could be experiencing a serious medical concern. Preventing these concerns from causing significant damage may be possible, provided doctors are able to correctly diagnose the underlying causes. Any errors or miscalculations on their part may ultimately come back to haunt patients.

An Illinois man is currently experiencing this after he alleges that a doctor failed to diagnose a serious infection that was already affecting him when he first saw her for treatment. The man arrived with a carbuncle that needed to be treated. The doctor performed an incision and drainage procedure, yet failed to notice the much more serious problems the man was experiencing. He was later admitted to the hospital suffering from a multitude of ailments, including sepsis as well as respiratory and organ failure. He was also reported to have developed gangrene in both feet, which resulted in him having to have them amputated.

In a recent lawsuit in which the doctor who first treated him is listed as a defendant, the man claims that his amputation was a direct result of her failure to recognize just how much danger he was in during his first visit.

Healthcare providers may be limited by certain barriers when trying to make a definitive diagnosis, yet their patients still rely on their expertise to at least come close to a correct one. When that fails to happen, those patients may justly feel like their providers failed them. Those looking to take action against such failures may first want to consult with an attorney to discuss their options.

Source: Cook County Record “Man alleges doctor failed to diagnose, treat infection” Apr. 09, 2016