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Widow sues two New York hospitals over alleged negligence

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2015 | Hospital Negligence |

From death to painful injuries, Queens hospital errors attorneys see firsthand how devastating hospital negligence can be. In New York City, and throughout the state of New York, too many people have been injured or died because of a negligent hospital and it is pivotal for those who have dealt with negligence to act promptly.

A woman who lost her 46-year-old husband in 2014 decided to file a lawsuit against two New York hospitals as well as two doctors over allegations of negligent treatment. The woman’s husband was shopping in a grocery store when he collapsed and was taken to a hospital. At first, the woman was informed by a doctor that her husband had passed away because his heart would not restart.

However, the woman claims that when she and her kids were able to take a look at her husband, who she was told had already died, they saw him move, his eyes were open and he apparently had returned to life. Although the woman asked a doctor to take another look at her husband for over two hours, her requests were denied. Once the physician decided to evaluate the man’s condition, a heartbeat was detected. Unfortunately, attempts to save the man’s life were unsuccessful and he later died.

When someone has lost a loved one or experienced unnecessary suffering because of a negligent hospital, addressing the incident correctly is essential. Although negligence can be very difficult to confront, speaking to New York hospital negligence lawyers may help.

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