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Medical malpractice suit officially filed for Joan Rivers’ death

On Behalf of | May 21, 2015 | Surgical Errors |

Despite the fact that just about every type of medical treatment is associated with risks and potential side effects, physicians can generally guarantee that a minor procedure is safe. Necessary medical screenings are conducted prior to surgery, and the patient is informed about procedure details and risks. It is typically at this point that the patient is required to consent to the discussed medical treatment before the procedure can begin. Serious medical malpractice concerns can be raised, however, in instances where physicians perform unnecessary and/or unapproved procedures on patients.

The daughter of Joan Rivers recently confirmed that she has filed a medical malpractice suit for alleged surgical mistakes that resulted in the death of the comedian. According to Melissa Rivers, the doctors that performed multiple medical procedures on her mother at one clinic failed to have necessary resuscitation equipment on-hand in case of a medical emergency. She also accused them of failing to properly monitor her mother’s vital signs during surgery. The doctors allegedly continued to operate on Rivers even though her heart rate and blood pressure began to drop.

In addition to accusing the defendants in the medical malpractice suit of failing to recognize signs of medical distress in her mother, Melissa Rivers’ complaints included allegations over failure to obtain patient consent. Joan Rivers allegedly did not consent to some of the procedures that were performed on her while she was sedated. Melissa Rivers contended that her mother’s death was entirely preventable. It was not stated whether the medical malpractice suit identified damages.

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