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Alarming allegations from nursing home cause second thoughts

On Behalf of | May 7, 2015 | Nursing Home Neglect |

Unfortunately, abuse in nursing homes is a problem that has been trending for a while now. New York nursing home abuse lawyers are present to help deal with cases once they have been presented, but first, allegations need to be made.

This may be the case with one man, whose experiences with a New York nursing home have led him to remove his grandmother. The nursing home, Orchard Manor, has been facing a number of allegations lately for abuse and misconduct. They have also been under scrutiny due to their small staff, which is reportedly unable to handle the large number of residents they have.

However, there are also more disturbing allegations. The woman in question reportedly contracted MRSA during her stay in the home. She also developed numerous bed sores that were bad enough to require operations. There was also a reported incident where she had a laceration on her arm and her family was not notified. They did not know about the laceration until the bandage was spotted and even after that, the nursing home was unable to find any incident reports showing what had happened.

Some of the other claims include one man who was in rehabilitation for surgery on a leg infection. The man reported being left on the lift while being taken from his bed to his wheelchair on two separate occasions. His foot was also jammed between the door and wheelchair at one point due to negligence. The nursing aides then refused to listen when he said that he was diabetic and that they should not use acetic acid on his foot. When they did anyway, a wound was opened, making his situation worse. Additionally, one woman nearly choked to death on a beef chunk despite having reportedly been on a soft food diet.

Nursing home abuse and neglect can be scary because it is very difficult to keep tabs on what happens behind closed doors at all times. Because of this, anyone who believes their relatives might be facing abuse in the nursing home may wish to get in contact with an attorney.

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