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What is The Joint Commission?

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2015 | Hospital Negligence |

New York hospitals can be intimidating places. Part of what makes them this way may be the idea that one has little choice when it comes to staying in any of the over 200 hospitals the American Hospital Directory lists as operating in New York. That perceived lack of choice can be even more frustrating given that many find it difficult to get background information on hospitals other than that what their employees are willing to give. Thus, one may have no idea whether or not complaints that require the involvement of New York hospital malpractice attorneys have been filed or are currently pending against a facility. Fortunately, there is one source health care consumers can turn to for more specific information on the hospitals in their areas.

The Joint Commission is a non-profit organization that accredits hospitals and health care organizations around the country.  Their accreditation holds great weight with the federal Medicare program as well as state Medicaid programs in determining conditions of participation with those plans. Among the many tasks that they perform, The Joint Commissions investigates patient safety complaints made against a hospital or health care organization.

The Joint Commission’s ability to share information about hospitals is limited due patient confidentiality concerns. However, they can disclose aggregate information regarding complaints about patient safety made against particular health care organizations. They can also share with prospective patients certain details regarding individual sentinel events reported at hospitals that carry their accreditation.

Those who identify patient safety concerns themselves are encouraged to contact The Joint Commission. Reports regarding patient safety events can be submitted via email, fax, standard mail, or online. They simply need to include the name and address of the health care facility, as well as a detailed description of the event in question.