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Doctors, clinic sued by Joan Rivers’ family

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2015 | Surgical Errors |

Every year, countless people in Queens and throughout the rest of the country undergo elective surgical procedures. While these surgeries are often not deemed to be medically necessary, the patients who pay for them expect the same standard of care from their surgeons as they would during emergency surgery. This includes operating within the guidelines of patient consent and having protocols in place to handle any unexpected emergencies. A failure to meet these basic standards could open up elective surgery providers to accusations of negligence.

Such is the claim being made by Melissa Rivers, the daughter of the late Joan Rivers, towards the New York City clinic where the comedienne died last year. In her lawsuit, Rivers alleges that the clinic and the doctors who operated on her mother displayed incompetency and disrespect during the surgery. It’s even alleged that the surgeons took a photo of themselves and Joan Rivers as the former TV personality was lying sedated on the table.

Many of the accusations are being leveled at River’s own personal physician, who performed the procedure during which Rivers stopped breathing. She’s been accused of not even being credentialed to perform the procedure at that particular surgical center. The lawsuit also accuses her of operating beyond the scope which Rivers consented, and actually leaving the room as Rivers’ condition began to deteriorate.

The consequences of surgical mistakes that people are forced to deal with can often be overwhelming. The idea that negligence may have contributed to those mistakes may compound their suffering even further. Those who believed that they’ve suffered because of a doctor or surgeon’s error may wish to work with a personal injury attorney in pursuing compensation.

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