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Recovering from medication errors

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2014 | Hospital Negligence |

When people take drugs that have been prescribed by their doctor, they often assume that the medication will not harm them. Unfortunately, in New York, NY, and around the country, many people have suffered serious injuries and even lost their lives because of a prescription error. At the law offices of Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld, LLP, we are committed to helping patients who are dealing with the consequences of these errors move forward.

There are a number of reasons why medical professionals continue to prescribe drugs improperly. For example, a doctor may not pay close enough attention to one of their patients or assess their medical history properly. When this occurs, the doctor could prescribe them too much of a particular medication, resulting in overdose.

Also, medication errors may take place when a pharmacist provides a patient with the wrong type of drug or has difficulty reading a doctor’s handwriting. Furthermore, medical professionals sometimes fail to prescribe the proper amount of a certain drug because of decimal errors (such as prescribing 10 mg instead of 1.0 mg). Patients may also suffer from a drug interaction injury when a medical professional does not take into account all of the medications they have been prescribed.

If you have suffered because of a medication error, it is important to understand all of your options and you may want to consider taking legal action. Our law firm understands how painful these mistakes can be and the importance of holding negligent medical professionals accountable. Please visit our medication errors page if you are looking for more information on this dangerous form of medical malpractice.