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Overcrowding and other emergency room problems

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2014 | Hospital Negligence |

Every year, far too many people suffer debilitating injuries and even lose their lives because of urgent care mistakes, overcrowding and other problems in the emergency room. In New York, NY, and across the country, some of these emergency room errors constitute medical malpractice and it is important for victims to take action. Whether someone experiences a drug interaction injury as a result of a prescription error or does not receive the treatment they need soon enough because of delayed care, it is imperative for negligent medical professionals and urgent care facilities to be held accountable.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality published alarming information on their website that reveals the dangers of overcrowding in urgent care facilities. According to the AHRQ, a study found that overcrowding in the emergency room significantly increases the likelihood of patients suffering from medical errors that could have been prevented. In fact, researchers discovered that patients who were admitted to emergency departments during their busiest times were more than twice as likely to suffer from preventable medical errors.

Although overcrowding is a serious problem, there are many other issues that patients have to deal with in emergency rooms and these problems continue to take place for numerous reasons. The Indiana State Department of Health’s website explored some of the causes of medical errors, such as improper documentation, data entry errors and miscommunication among health care providers. Furthermore, some facilities are understaffed, while others are not capable of providing high-level care when it is required. If an urgent care facility cannot provide the care a patient needs, it is a doctor’s responsibility to refer patients appropriately, which doesn’t always happen. Since urgent care errors sometimes result in injuries and even loss of life, it is essential for victims of these mistakes and their families to address negligence promptly.