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What are the causes and symptoms of cerebral palsy?

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2014 | Birth Injuries |

If you recently found out that your child has cerebral palsy, you may wonder what caused the condition. Although a variety of problems can lead to cerebral palsy, some children develop this condition because of a birth injury they suffered due to medical malpractice. In New York, NY, too many families have found themselves in this position and it is important for them to take action.

According to information published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information’s website, cerebral palsy is the result of brain abnormalities or injuries. Many of these complications arise while the baby is developing in the womb, but they can happen at any point in the first two years of a child’s life. In addition to birth injuries, children may also develop cerebral palsy due to jaundice, a head injury, bleeding in their brain and brain infections. Sometimes, it is never known what causes a child to develop cerebral palsy.

Symptoms are typically noticeable before a child reaches two years of age and parents sometimes observe that their child is not crawling, sitting or walking when they should be. Other symptoms include muscle tightness, gait abnormalities, muscle weakness, abnormal movements, learning disabilities, speech problems, vision and hearing problems, difficulty swallowing and slower growth, among others. While cerebral palsy cannot be cured, children with this condition may benefit from treatment that helps them become more independent.

Although every situation is different, a negligent delivery room doctor may be responsible for a child developing this condition in some cases. Cerebral palsy can present lifelong complications for children as well as their families, which highlights the importance of holding doctors accountable when a child develops this condition because of their negligence.