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On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2014 | Nursing Home Neglect |

At Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld LLP, we understand how difficult it can be to place an elderly family member in an assisted living facility. If you are dealing with this, chances are you’re like many families in this position who want to ensure that their loved ones are treated properly.

Unfortunately, negligence occurs in some nursing homes, causing significant suffering. From malnutrition and dehydration to complications from being overmedicated, nursing home negligence takes a serious toll on the elderly and can affect you, their loved one, as well.

Nursing home abuse takes many forms, such as failure to prevent falls or bedsores and residents living in filthy conditions. While some of these hardships may not always present serious health consequences for younger people, your grandfather, grandmother or an older parent may suffer from worsening health conditions or even death after suffering an injury or infection.

To make matters worse, some of the injuries and fatalities that occur due to nursing home neglect can be prevented. Some of the preventative measures you can take are checking to see if the facility uses bed alarms and asking questions to make sure staff attend to residents’ needs.

Our firm takes these hardships seriously and is committed to assisting those who have experienced nursing home abuse. People who have been mistreated in an assisted living facility deserve to have someone stand up for their rights.

If you think your family member is the victim of nursing home negligence, you may not know how to address the issue. It is important that you stop the abuse immediately and ensure that those who have not performed their job properly are held accountable for their actions. For more information on how to recognize abuse, please visit our nursing home abuse page.