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Physicians held accountable for life-threatening birth injury

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2013 | Birth Injuries |

Sadly, thousands of babies are born every year fighting for their lives. Whether they are born with a serious medical condition or experience life-threatening complications during delivery, they require immediate and accurate medical care. That’s why it’s imperative that medical staff in New York hospitals and beyond are always prepared to meet the needs of newborn patients at all times. Two doctors were recently found responsible for causing the nearly fatal birth injuries of a nine-year-old boy.

The child at the heart of the birth injury lawsuit now requires constant care, as he must be fed through a tube. After being born prematurely, he had a life-threatening medical condition that ultimately required surgery to remove a section of the child’s intestines. The boy’s parents claimed that his condition was caused by the negligence of an attending nurse practitioner and two doctors.

According to the hospital involved in the lawsuit, though, the baby’s care was handled correctly at all stages. And while the hospital agreed that the boy’s condition is unfortunate, it argues that many cases involving babies born with similar complications end in tragedy.

Prior to any verdict being determined in the case, the child’s parents and defendants agreed to a maximum and minimum figure for potential damages. A jury recently found that the two doctors identified in the lawsuit are liable for the injuries sustained by the victim. The maximum award determined by the two parties was $5.3 million, even though the jury came to a judgment of $30 million.

The parents of the child victim have raised concerns over the ongoing health risks their son faces.

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