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New York bill on time limit for medical malpractice pulled

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2013 | Hospital Negligence |

When a hospital error is committed in New York City, it is often the victim of the error who suffers the most since he or she is the one who experiences the pain, anguish and the continued stress of going back and forth to medical providers. Doctor errors, especially in diagnostics, are considered to be one of the leading issues in medical mistakes according to several studies released in the last year.

A New York bill that would change the current statute of limitations to make it possible for victims to file a medical malpractice claim when a mistake is later discovered has been pulled from the Senate. Currently, New Yorkers are only able to file a lawsuit against a doctor or hospital within a set amount of time from when the medical negligence occurred.

Even though there were 30 senators ready to vote for the bill, the sponsor of the bill pulled it out due to strong opposition; she is hoping that the bill, which has been presented before, will finally be passed next year, joining other states who give victims of medical errors a longer amount of time.

It is unfortunate that the lawmakers have failed to see the problems that victims of malpractice face under the current law. Many victims fail to find out about the mistake until it is too late and in some instances, people die from a missed diagnosis or delay in appropriate treatment. When a person feels that they have been the victim of a doctor or hospital mistake they may benefit from talking to an experienced attorney.

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