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Hospital settles birth injury lawsuit with $5.25 million

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2013 | Birth Injuries |

Parents trust doctors to guide the birth of their children and safely resolve any complications that occur during labor. When doctors fail to correctly respond to problems, the impact of the mistake can affect a Queens family for the rest of their lives. Errors in judgment and procedural miscalculations can cause a birth injury that leads to severe medical problems.

Multiple incorrect actions taken by a doctor during a birth has caused lasting brain damage to a child. The mistakes prevented the necessary amount of oxygen from reaching him while his mother was in labor. A lawsuit filed by the baby’s mother claims that those mistakes centered on the improper use of a drug given to her and the doctor’s hesitation in performing a C-section.

Today, the child needs constant assistance due to the brain damage he suffered at birth. The hospital settled the case for $5.25 million, which will likely be used by the family to pay for the medical care that the boy has received and the care that he will probably require for the rest of his life.

While no amount of money can compensate for the impact a birth injury has on the life of a child, filing a lawsuit is one recourse parents can take against the hospital when a mistake is made. A lawsuit can serve as a warning signal that helps save other parents and children from the suffering caused by wrong decisions made by health care professionals. Additionally, winning a lawsuit or reaching a settlement can provide resources to help alleviate medical costs and other expenses. When a child is injured during birth, parents may benefit from consulting with an experienced attorney.

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