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Errors in New York emergency room nearly cost woman her life

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2013 | Hospital Negligence |

Everyone is entitled to the same level of care when in the care of emergency room physicians regardless of what they are being treated for or what time of day or night they are admitted. Yet, that doesn’t always seem to be the case. Medical professionals make mistakes–just as everyone else does. When medical errors are careless or life-threatening, however, the doctors and nurses should be held accountable for their actions.

An investigation of a near fatal misdiagnosis in a New York emergency room resulted in a mere $6,000 fine. The ensuing report that was recently released by the Department of Health and Human Services states that doctors did not perform adequate tests and brain scans before doctors diagnosed her with irreversible brain damage and allowed her family take her off of life support. CT scans did not confirm that she had brain damage; in fact, the tests came back normal.

Despite recommendations from specialists at the hospital to use a charcoal treatment, other staff members did not follow orders to do so. Nurses at the hospital also indicated that the woman was making improvements. Still, nothing was done to save the woman’s life. Doctors removed her from life support and were about to harvest the woman’s organs when she woke up. Neither the woman nor her family ever sought legal recourse against the hospital.

Negligence and emergency room errors such as these should not be tolerated. Those who have suffered from worsened conditions of lost a loved one as a result of mistakes may want to consider filing a lawsuit. While no amount of money can reverse the physical and emotional damage that is done, it can be used to cover medical expenses. It also holds medical professionals accountable for their actions.

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