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Supervision neglect responsible for veterans death by overdose

On Behalf of | May 6, 2013 | Nursing Home Neglect |

Nursing homes in New York City often provide a place where veterans of previous wars can be cared for, but sadly, they do not always receive the best of care. Some are subjected to nursing home neglect or even abuse, putting them at risk of injury and death.  Instead of receiving the highest level of honor and respect that they deserve, veterans can be victims of malnutrition, mistreatment, and even deliberate abuse. Sometimes the nursing home negligence goes on for years before it is addressed.

One veteran died after the nursing home facility he was in failed to address medication issues that were previously identified. Apparently, the staff knew that the man was taking too much medication and that some of the medication had not been prescribed for him according to the states Health Department report. As a result the man, who suffered with depression and pain, overdosed on methadone.

Apparently the man was one of several patients who were not supervised when it came to their medications. It was unknown how the man obtained the methadone; he did not have a prescription for it.  The home, which was specifically for veterans, was found at fault for the mans death due to supervision neglect.

While some homes aim at providing residents with some form of independence, the administration and use of prescription drugs should be carefully examined. If there are known issues, then the supervisors have the obligation to address those issues so that a resident cannot harm himself. For families of veterans who have been the victims of neglect, it may be a good idea to talk about their situation with an experienced attorney.

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