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New York hospital admits removing wrong organ during operation

On Behalf of | May 24, 2013 | Surgical Errors |

Despite the advancements made in modern medicine, there are many problems that still exist, including surgical mistakes. Many medical malpractice lawsuits concern an error made by a surgeon or surgical staff that simply should not have happened. For the victims of these mistakes, some may experience a worsened condition or may struggle with new medical problems as well as financial difficulties. Sadly, many mistakes can be averted through careful monitoring by surgical staff.

A 76-year-old man apparently had two kidneys that were bad but one was worse than the other. Surgery was performed at a New York hospital and instead of removing the kidney that was a little worse off, the surgeon took out the other one. The mistake was discovered and the other kidney was then removed as well.

The hospital, Mount Sinai, is renowned for their medical care, and admitted that the error was committed. The hospital also said that the surgeon who caused the error was essentially suspended. While the surgical mishap is not a common one at the hospital, it is representative of the problems with surgical errors in general; a study says that 20 surgical mistakes are made on patients each week in the United States.

The removal of the wrong organ can create a serious complication, especially for someone struggling with their health. It is the responsibility of surgical staff to do everything they can to prevent errors from this occurring during the operation. Victims of such medical errors may want to discuss their rights and options with an experienced medical malpractice attorney.

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