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Lawsuit accuses medical professionals of medical malpractice

On Behalf of | May 31, 2013 | Hospital Negligence |

There are many challenges for the healthcare industry today but none of those challenges should interfere with the care that a patient in Queens receives. Doctor errors have been proven to be preventable with the right systems and protocols in place. Medical errors are often the result of medical staff failing to follow through on things such as test results, listening to the patient’s information and double checking to verify that the patient is receiving the right treatment.

A medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that several doctors, nurses, and the hospital itself showed disregard for a man’s health, resulting in his dependency on oxygen in order to survive. The state’s health authority ruled that the hospital had indeed violated several rules in relation to the lack of care that the patient received.

During his recovery period after a surgery on his esophagus, the hospital allegedly made a series of mistakes, causing harm and discomfort to the victim. The hospital put him on liquid foods too soon, which resulted in his re-admittance to intensive care when blood and fluid filled his lungs. The hospital also refused to move him to a different hospital or floor when the son requested it. During the surgery itself, ribs were broken and the man’s sternum was fractured during resuscitation efforts.

Hospital malpractice is a real issue for patients today and often they are helpless to prevent it from occurring, especially when they are in a vulnerable state. When someone is the victim of medical errors, they may want to think about meeting with an experienced attorney to determine what actions they should take.

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