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Multiple emergency room misdiagnoses leads to years of pain

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2013 | Medical Malpractice |

Nothing can be more frustrating than to be given different medical diagnoses and finding out that each one is incorrect. When people walk into a New York City emergency room, they expect a doctor to find out what is wrong with them and provide the correct treatment. Yet, many patients are given the wrong diagnosis, leading to additional pain and suffering. Many times emergency room errors can be avoided if doctors would look at all the facts and follow through in planned testing.

One woman suffered years of pain and discomfort because of multiple emergency room misdiagnoses. Her abdominal pain started at the age of 13, preventing her from being able to eat. Her mother and her aunts had all suffered from an apparent gall bladder disease and yet neither her primary care doctor, nor the many emergency room doctors she went to, considered it as a cause for her medical condition.

For six years, she was in and out of hospitals. Doctors diagnosed her with a variety of illnesses, even suggesting at one time that her pain was psychological. She went through multiple tests, medications which did nothing to alleviate her suffering and dealt with some doctors that even seemed unconcerned with her problem. And then it turned out that she had the hereditary disease.

What is so amazing in this woman’s case is the fact that there were so many doctors involved and not one thought to look at her family’s history and run tests to just see if that was her problem. She should not have had to endure so much suffering, discomfort and emotional rollercoasters when the answer was there the entire time. Patients who have suffered because of emergency room mistakes may want to think about meeting with an attorney.

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