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Hospital terminates healthy fetus in unnecessary surgery

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2013 | Medical Malpractice |

For many couples in New York City, the expected arrival of a new baby is an exciting period of time. There is a nursery to be decorated, the receiving of congratulations from family members and friends and baby showers to attend. In addition, expectant mothers and fathers have the exhilaration of feeling the baby kick, hearing the heartbeat for the first time and other experiences associated with the growth of new life. The last thing they expect is to be the victims of medical malpractice that results in the loss of that baby.

Apparently, a military base hospital told a 32-year-old expectant mother that her fetus had a possible cancerous mass after a series of tests and an ultrasound were conducted during a regular checkup. The hospital then performed a surgery to terminate the pregnancy. However, it turns out that the hospital allegedly read the test results wrong and that the fetus was actually healthy.

Now the woman has filed a medical malpractice claim lawsuit against the hospital, asking for $1.7 million. The woman’s husband, a 56-year-old sergeant major in the U.S. Army, says that the termination of the baby is still difficult to accept. It is unknown if the pregnancy was a first for the couple, but it was revealed that since the procedure was done, their attempts to get pregnant again have failed.

When surgical errors result in the loss of an unborn child, it can be extremely difficult for the parents to deal with it. Undoubtedly, the woman has experienced a great amount of grief and further trauma in her inability to become pregnant again. When such a tragedy happens, the only option may be to file a lawsuit against the hospital or doctor.

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