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Nursing home neglect responsible for patient’s death from fall

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2013 | Nursing Home Abuse |

Nursing homes in New York come under many different names nowadays such as care center, assisted-living facility or retirement home, but their purpose remains the same: to provide quality care for the ailing and elderly residents within their walls. The ideal facility has a nurse on site at all times, adequate staff to monitor residents’ conditions and reporting systems that provide emergency assistance and additional medical care when needed. Unfortunately, there are many nursing homes that fail to do this and the resulting nursing home neglect can lead to resident injuries and even death.

A patient in a nursing home died several days after falling in the assisted living facility where she was being cared for. An internal assessment conducted within the facility and an investigation into the accident by the state’s health department showed that the facility had failed to provide the medical attention to the woman that she needed until three days after the fall.

The woman’s cause of death was listed as the fall and the facility was cited as responsible. Apparently there was no registered nurse on the site to check the woman’s condition and the center did not notify the nurse until the nurse came to work. By then, the woman was found unresponsive.

With the findings of the two investigations, the family of the deceased patient may want to consider taking legal action against the assisted living facility for the nursing home negligence. While the center has taken steps to fix a flawed system, there are many others out there who continue to expose their residents to nursing home neglect by failing to provide the care these patients deserve.

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